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Detailed Ford Diesel Repair & Auto Services

Improve your vehicle's overall performance with Ford diesel repair and other auto services from THE FORD DOCTORS. We have 35 years of experience that includes everything from rebuilding cars to installing new radiators, water pumps, and much more.


Computer Diagnostics

Don't ignore your check engine light when it comes on. Instead, bring your car to us for a free, same-day scan. We use an IDS Ford scanner to accurately identify any problems. Further diagnostics may require a larger charge.

Engines & Transmissions

Maintain your car's power with an engine and/or transmission diagnostic from our shop. If an issue is found, we do repairs or full replacements that correct the problem.

Maintenance & Tune-ups

The best way to avoid or delay any mechanical problems is with regular maintenance from THE FORD DOCTORS. We do factory mileage service, brake adjustments, tune-ups, and much more to keep your vehicle running efficiently.

Air-Conditioning Service

Keep your car's comfort system ready for the temperature changes with our same-day air-conditioning service. Through diagnostics, we find any problem fast. When necessary, we service and replace AC units so that they keep you cool when it's hot outside.

Brakes & Alignments

Receive fast help for any brake or alignment issues by bringing your vehicle to our shop for service. To save you money, we perform free brake inspections. Brake replacement, rotor service, and front-end alignments ensure that your car maneuvers and stops safely.


Completed Repairs

Shocks & Struts

Experience a smoother ride with shock and strut services from our technicians. To find any problems, we check for oil leaks and test drive your car. Our complete service also includes visual inspections and replacement of shocks and struts when needed.


Maximize the performance of your Ford's diesel engine with help from our technicians. We do detailed diesel fuel diagnostics and repairs to make your vehicle operate efficiently.

Body Work

Restore your vehicle's exterior appearance with body work from our shop. We do special product body work that eliminates any structural flaws.
Contact us for services that give new life to your vehicle.

Contact us for services that give new life to your vehicle.